Reading Assignment #3

This week’s reading assignment is heavily technology oriented. You may notice that I tend to repeat myself. With good reason, I assure you.

Let’s start with a bit that is pertinent to session #2: Finite Systems, Infinite Cycles. In there we explore the idea that even if a physical system is finite (the Earth, for example), it can support infinite cycles provided that the system is open.

An open system (as opposed to a closed system) receives material from outside. The Earth receives solar energy and therefore it is capable of supporting life and all the other processes that support life indefinitely.

Because humans have invented (or discovered) technology for harnessing energy, humans are capable of transforming the material found at or near the surface of the earth to make what they find useful.

Technology, developed by the human mind, allows humans to do increasingly more sophisticated tasks. Everything we produce is the product of technology applied to nature provided stuff. Continue reading “Reading Assignment #3”