Life Expectancy, Happiness, Etc.

Abhilash asked a number of questions:

We are repeatedly talking about life expectancy. But as per my understanding, long back there were many people who lived hundreds of years, right? Not only that in today’s world even if life expectancy has increased, are we living a happy and satisfied life? Probably because the resources available here are not enough or because we are not satisfied with that, we have started looking at other planets. This is what our forefathers were also doing, right? That is the reason why we have reached this level of comfort. It is true that, with the advent of technology things started evolving fast. But the process of evolution is there from the very beginning. Like Meet mentioned, since they were not aware of the comforts that will come in the future, they might not have felt that their life is detrimental. What is your thought on this?

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Course Correction

Upon the advice of a friend of this course, let’s try out a minor change in how we proceed. First, I will publish homework reading material in a post on Wednesday PM India time. You will have the opportunity to submit questions related to that in the comments section of that post.

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