Course Correction

Upon the advice of a friend of this course, let’s try out a minor change in how we proceed. First, I will publish homework reading material in a post on Wednesday PM India time. You will have the opportunity to submit questions related to that in the comments section of that post.

In our Friday evening (India time) online session, I will do a slide presentation for about 40 minutes. The main focus will be on the matter that was published on Wednesday. Previously I kept my presentation brief; the main change is that the bulk of the hour will be the presentation.

After the slide presentation, first I will address questions submitted to the Wednesday post, and after that answer other questions in the remaining time. Any questions that I don’t get to due to time limitations, I will answer on the blog over the next several days.

Looking ahead, in the 4th week of this class I will introduce some basic economic vocabulary: demand, supply, prices, profits, private and public goods, and perhaps the role of entrepreneurs in an free-market economy.



Author: Atanu Dey


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