2 thoughts on “The End of Poverty”

  1. Hi. There was a question by Mr. Indradeep Ghosh in the article in the above link, about free trade not being everything. Have you answered it somewhere? And this part ;” Does not a system of representation of voice have to precede the appearance of a system of distribution? “, could you go describe the implication of this line? My limited understanding is that China has accomplished the latter without the former, though I don’t have the data on how much of it’s population is in abject poverty. I have a basic understanding of your view on China being a capitalist nation, and I agree to some extent.

  2. Thanks @Meet for drawing attention to that discussion on that post. Shame I missed it even though I had read Atanu’s original post. I am unable to post there hence posting here. Atanu might throw some light on points raised by Dr. Ghosh.

    I would be very much interested in knowing any real world examples of how restricting free trade has helped a nation. The most common examples people cite are of Baidu. The very fact that China has banned Google on their soil has helped Baidu to rise. But the sad part that people fail to see here is that Baidu isn’t even half as good as Google as a search engine. While it is profitable and all that, Chinese consumers are not really better served. Worse, all those smart Chinese Engineers could have worked on something much better and much more needed than reinventing the proverbial wheel of search engine.

    Baidu’s real failure however is in how inefficient they are towards their advertisers. Anyone has tried to spend few dollars on advertising with them would tell you that Baidu’s tech is at least 10 years behind that of Google and Facebook.

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